AcuBiz Attends Medan Hospital Expo 2017 in Indonesia

AcuBizTM Attends Medan Hospital Expo 2017

SubaBy Suba Ganesh,Project Analyst

April 05, 2017

Medan Hospital Expo 2017 has given me a unique experience to witness how Indonesia medical device industry is growing. It was also my first visit to Medan, Indonesia.

With a population of over 250 million inhabitants, Indonesia offers one of the biggest markets for medical equipment manufacturers, distributors and users. Private sector makes up major consumer segments of medical equipment.

Healthcare insurance in Indonesia is fragmented traditionally. Affluent population will afford comprehensive private insurance policies. In contrast, the lower economic strata will settle with basic public coverage. NGOs working in specialized areas provide free medical services to those not covered by public or private schemes.

In order to unify these widely diverse coverages, the Indonesian government launched Jaminan Kesehatan Nasional (JKN), a scheme to implement universal health care. The formulated policy and strategies to achieve this by 2019 offers extensive business opportunities for pharmaceuticals and medical devices companies worldwide.

medon expo 2017Medan in Indonesia, an otherwise reticent city has become more vibrant with 7th Medan Hospital expo 2017, an annual occurrence since 2011. This year, the expo took place in Santika Premiere Dyandra Hotel and convention hall Last month. Representatives from medical, pharmaceutical, clinical laboratory equipment and medical industries showcased their products and services.

Companies from Indonesia and other countries comprising of manufacturers, distributors and service providers participated in this expo. Seminar on various topics relating to “Improvement in the Quality of Service offered in hospitals through National Health Insurance among ASEAN Economic Community (Mea)” were conducted.

With increasing number of booths and exhibitors every year, the expo draws the attention of key industry participants looking to make or expand their presence in the Indonesian medical industry. There were many exclusive distributors of world renowned brands from Japan, Germany, USA, Taiwan, China, India and Australia showcasing their products and services.

There were 55 booths, ranging from manufactures who make hospital beds & accessories, medical devices, anesthesia equipment, medical gases, medical disposables, patient central monitor and radiology equipment. Most of the distributors participated in the expo are the exclusive agents for MNCs such as Covidien and Abbott. Some of the MNCs participated through their exclusive dealers in Indonesia. Service providers such as hospitals, ambulance services etc. were also present in the expo.

The expo, being a congregation of medical industry players, has outlined the profiles of different participants through brochures and flyers. Also, this has acted as a meeting point and offered a great opportunity to establish contacts and networking that is beneficial in a longer run.

As per the participants, Indonesia is still in infancy stage with respect to medical industry and planning to grow bigger in a short span. This is expected to spur a huge opportunity for all those associated with medical industry.

This Expo usually takes place in Santika Dyandra hotel & convention which also has a 4 star rated hotel. It is located in the city Centre, well connected and a stay there will be convenient to attend the expo. Lake Toba, which is the largest lake in south East Asia is just 3 hours’ drive from Medan. This can offer a great getaway from the hustle and bustle after this expo.

A word of caution! The expo has mostly Indonesians promoting their products and services. Though most of them were not very proficient in English, all were very friendly. Hence conversing in Bahasa, the local language will make the experience more beneficial.

See you Medan Hospital Expo in 2018 …..

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