AcuBiz™ Attends International Healthcare Conference and Exhibition 2017 in Kuala Lumpur

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The Association of Private Hospitals of Malaysia (APHM) has organised its annual signature event of “International Healthcare Conference and Exhibition” for 3 days between 25 – 27th July 2017 at Kuala Lumpur convention centre, Malaysia.

The theme of this year’s expo was “Leadership, Technology and Innovation in Healthcare”. The event had exhibitors and visitors from various countries across the globe. This event showcased the latest developments and trends in healthcare products and services targeted at private and public hospitals.

The global Who’s Who in medical devices, pharmaceutical, healthcare, hospital industry such as Abbott, Deloitte, Institut Jantung Negara, KPJ Health Care, Macomb, Napier Health, Pantai Medical, Philips, Ramsay Sime Darby, Scimed Technologies, Shimadzu, Top Glove besides government and non-governmental bodies participated and exhibited their products, services and technology. This event was officially opened by the Minister of Health, Government of Malaysia and more than 100 service providers and others shared over 200 booths.

The conference included papers presented mainly by leading doctors from various hospitals and from representatives of health care & service providers around the globe and panel discussions. Several interesting topics covering latest trends were presented during the conference. Some of the particularly interesting papers include “Uncommon Innovation. Changing The DNA Of Who And What We Are”, “Development Of The Medical Industry Over The Years And Impact On Private Healthcare – The AIA Story”, “Leadership, Technology And Innovation In Patient Safety”, “How AI Might One Day Save Your Life’, “Genetic Profiling And The Application Of Nutrigenomic Interventions In Clinical Applications”, and “Healthcare Risk Management – The Role Of Leader In Driving This Concept In Organisation’.

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This APHM conference was successful to a certain extent to offer a unique viewpoint on the advancement and latest trends in the global healthcare and associated industries. Personally, I could see that the conference and exhibition was useful for different categories of attendees in different ways. Be him an ‘Officer or Chief Executive Officer’ else ‘Research Director or Research Assistant’, there was a takeaway for each, irrespective of their positions or stages in their career. The various products and technologies presented by exhibitors offered a glimpse into the new trends that are reshaping the future of this industry. However, I noticed a lack of emphasis on portable scanning devices and other point-of-care advancements, which represent some of the fast growing trends in the healthcare industry.

APHM is a 55-year-old organisation established in Malaysia and started off as a social gathering of doctors to exchange ideas and share their experiences. Over the years, it has grown as an association of 134 private hospitals from all over Malaysia with the aim to facilitate healthcare of the highest standards to the public by promoting cooperation amongst member hospitals. This is also recognised by Ministry of Health as the representative of private hospitals and contributes significantly in matters related to the provision of healthcare in Malaysia.

AcuBiz™, headquartered in Malaysia,  is a popular and well-known life science boutique consulting Services Company, which offers consultancy in market research, product development, competitive intelligence, distributor identification, M&A Due diligence among others to international science-based companies, government agencies, and investment entities. Our team comprises of industry experts hailing from scientific and management backgrounds and an international team of associates who are experts in various science-based industries.

ASEAN countries with vast potential and population have been a goldmine for global companies for establishing or enhancing their businesses, but many of them do not exactly know how to create a footprint in these booming markets. Cultural and language challenges present significant challenges to foreign companies while developing their market entry strategies in ASEAN countries. AcuBiz has assisted several companies from healthcare and associated industries to successfully navigate in these markets by identifying distributor and JV partners in some of the complex markets such as Indonesia.

AcuBiz™ also felt the need for creating a comprehensive information encyclopaedia that offers a complete list of medical device distributors in these nations. With this endeavour, we have created a database of medical device distributors in Indonesia and Malaysia, which covers small, medium and large distributors in both countries. Each distributor profile in the database offers more than 30 crucial information including contact details of senior management, their existing principal companies and availability of import licences. This offers a reliable screening tool for MNCs to select potential distributors by checking their market presence, facilities, and track record.

All these information are collected, validated and collated by dedicated resources over a long period of time by attending various international healthcare conference and exhibitions and directly contacting the concerned distributors.

SubaBy Suba Ganesh, Project Analyst

August 10, 2017

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