AcuBiz Bio-Match Program

A real issue in science industries is that businesses do not always find

the right resource to fit their needs. This is especially true when the resource exists outside the organization. AcuBiz endeavors to address this gap through our “Bio-Match Program”. In this program we address three areas viz human resource, technology and facility, by locating the right match for our clients.


Bio-Match Programme

Bio-Match Programme

What is AcuBiz Bio-Match Program ?

“Catch them young , groom them and watch them add value”

Bombarded by too many options and distractions, the biggest challenge for today’s graduates is to choose career paths that can enhance their talents and help them grow as strong professionals in a particular field. This is leading to widening of supply and demand gap of skilled workforce in science industries.

At AcuBiz, we strongly believe that it is our social responsibility to catch talents early and give them right opportunities to grow. If we do it right, an industry and a country can have the benefit of having talented young work forces, who are confident and capable of shouldering complex tasks related to their chosen fields.

Providing meaningful internship is our way of catching them young! As part of our Bio-Match Program, we offer quality internships to undergraduate and postgraduate students, who are selected through a stringent screening process that involves tests and interviews. These internships are either AcuBiz’ in-house projects or projects at the facilities of our collaborators. Our in-house projects offer students with a broad outlook of the industry related to their field of study, while our collaborators offer hands-on technical experience. Our collaborators include companies, non-profit organizations, and academic institutes.

During the past two years, AcuBiz has offered students from India and USA in-house and client-based summer internships. Some of these students were from premier academic institutes in India such as Indian Institute of Technologies (IITs). We worked with our collaborators to ensure high-quality internship experience for these interns. Currently, we are in talks with several firms and organizations to expand our program to include more students, particularly the first and second-year undergraduate students from science and engineering streams, who normally struggle to get internships.

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