By Syamala Ariyanchira, July 17, 2016 During a recent visit to Jakarta, the cautious optimism of both suppliers and buyers of diagnostics products was hard to ignore! It was intriguing since I expected an overall market excitement as the recent national healthcare regulations are predicted to create new opportunities for […]

Indonesia’s E-Procurement System Upsetting the Applecart!!

Computer System Validation
By Vimal Kumar, December 14, 2015   Computer System Validation (CSV) requirement has not received much attention as part of regulatory compliance process by many Southeast Asian companies. This is an often-neglected aspect, which is addressed much later in the product development and commercialization processes by the companies. However, lack […]

Computer System Validation (CSV): An AcuBiz Perspective

Innovation in wearable devices
    By Vimal Kumar,   December 7, 2015   Medical device (Wearable Devices) technology is well known for its ability to adapt to other disciplines of knowledge, which is indeed the reason for its enhancement. Development in aerospace applications, consumer electronics, and semiconductor technologies has all triggered the avalanche […]

Innovation in Wearable Devices: Emerging Markets likely to Benefit

  By Syamala Ariyanchira,    November 22, 2015 CE marking does not guarantee market acceptance of a rapid test in #Malaysia. Click To Tweet “CE marking is not good enough. In fact, we would prefer a rapid test with FDA approval.” I was exploring the interests of a medical device […]

CE Marking or FDA? A Rapid Test Developer’s Dilemma in ...

  By Syamala Ariyanchira,    November 4, 2015   The latest hype in clinical research circles is liquid biopsy. A quick search on PubMed indicated close to 1,000 publications on liquid biopsy this year, from January through October 2015. The possibility to detect cancer during its early stages through a routine […]

ddPCR to Fillip miRNA’s Liquid Biopsy Promise

Organic Electronics
  By Debayan Chaudhury   August 16, 2015 In general, when one comes across the terms electronics, the picture that comes to mind is of metals and silicon semiconductors. But in recent years a new technology is emerging, intent on replacing conventional metallic components in electronics. This technology is based […]

Organic Electronics Lighting up the Future

Internships 1
  By Syamala Ariyanchira, PhD   April 12, 2015 Catch young and groom for leadership… So straightforward a strategy to develop the next generation high tech leaders! For some reason the pharmaceutical industry does not seem to get it right. Many of the challenges of grooming the next generation of […]

The Ailing Internship Model of Indian Pharma

Science Graduates 1
  By Syamala Ariyanchira, PhD   January 20, 2015 Many of us have dreamt of a career as a scientist during our school days. Most of us had to forget these dreams as we confronted the hard reality of a severe lack of job opportunities for fresh science graduates as […]

The dilemma of Science Graduates in Malaysia

Halal Tests
  By Quah Shun Ying   November 10, 2014 I was winding up a report on halal testing market, when I came across with a recent news update about a new halal testing product, which was introduced into the market, last month. Simply named as “Halal Test” (or yet to […]

Novel Halal Test keeps it Simple! But is Simple Adequate?

Tale Of Two Worlds
  By Syamala Ariyanchira   October 10, 2014 The nightmare began sometime in mid-September when my husband, who was on a business trip in USA, ended up in a hospital emergency room. What was presumed to be some food poison has now turned into a medical puzzle. As the situation […]

Healthcare: A Tale of Two Worlds