Atomo Diagnostics, Australia

Atomo Diagnostics, Australia
Atomo Diagnostics, Australia

Featured Date: 28th January 2016


Atomo Diagnostics is a point-of-care (POC) diagnostics company headquartered in Australia, established in 2010. The technology platform of the company, AtomoRapid™ enables POC and self-tests with its easy-to-use design.

AtomoRapid platform combines a lancet (needle), capillary tube, and test strip into an integrated device. This gives an edge for the company over the competing rapid tests that require assembling of kit components.

Though the platform is based on existing technologies, Atomo brings innovation in terms of convenience by focusing on exceeding user expectations; thus appealing to both professional and home users.

The platform can support a wide range of clinical applications and the company has already commercialized two tests based on this platform for testing HIV and malaria.

AtomoRapid™HIV uses a WHO pre-qualified, highly sensitive antibody test to detect HIV 1&2 in human whole blood, serum or plasma. AtomoRapid™ Malaria is also a highly sensitive test as per WHO standards. Integrated design of these tests makes self-testing easy and reliable in remote settings.

These simple tests have the potential to replace expensive and time-consuming blood testing methods currently being used. Due to the self-testing potential, demand for the test is expected to increase globally.

AtomoRapid™HIV was launched in South Africa launch in mid-2013. The customer base for the product in the country at present includes private health screening companies, MNCs, large private health insurers, and one of the large pharmacy chains in the country.

The platform, which is being recognized for its accuracy, affordability, and self-testing potential is expected to facilitate early detection of infectious diseases saving lives and healthcare costs, globally. Atomo is currently focusing on developing tests for many serious infectious diseases such as ebola and hepatitis C. Other development activities of Atomo include tests based on wellness markers and screening tests for chronic conditions.

The company is also refining a test platform that enables diagnosis of multiple diseases at once. Incorporation of digital readers and e-health capabilities is another focus. Atomo also offers custom design manufacturing services (OEM) to other diagnostic companies.

The company has received several recognitions and financial support from various agencies. The latest is the $6 million loan awarded to the company by the Global Health Investment Fund (GHIF), which was announced on January 16, 2016. The loan is offered to support scaling up of the company’s production operations and expansion of commercial activities. GHIF and Atomo have also made a deal to support and facilitate the launch and commercialization of Atomo’s products in low and middle-income countries.

Earlier, in November 2015, Atomo received $1.3 million from the New South Wales Medical Device Fund.