MiRXES, Singapore

MiRXES, Singapore
MiRXES, Singapore

Featured Date: 9th December 2015

Website: www.mirxes.com

Founded as a spin-off from A*STAR in 2014, MiRXES focusses solely on the commercialization of microRNA (miRNA) based technologies for use in research and clinical diagnostics segments. The company is one of the key partners of Singapore’s Diagnostic Development Hub (DxD Hub), which was built to accelerate the development of diagnostic devices. MiRXES has certified laboratory for undertaking collaborative as well as in-house projects pertaining to miRNA research and development.

Owing to their exceptional stability in various biofluids, miRNA have been a recent area of focus as biomarkers for cancer and other diseases.

The proprietary technology of the company involves patented RT- qPCR platform for detection of clinically relevant miRNAs from different biofluids. The core IP lies in a unique in silico-based design of sequence-specific primers using advanced thermodynamic algorithms. The technology offers several advantages such as specificity, selectivity, and speed. The platform is robust to allow high throughput discovery of microRNAs from the minute amount of clinical samples.

The product portfolio of the company comprises of RT-qPCR panel assays for detection of, miRNA biomarkers for cancer and clinically relevant miRNA from stem cells and biofluids. The assays are designed to be compatible with available real-time qPCR platforms thus eliminating additional equipment purchase costs.

The company offers miRNA qPCR services and custom assay design for detection of novel miRNA biomarkers. Through its MiRXES Biomarker Discovery Program, the company offers collaborative research opportunities with academic institutions working in basic and translational research on miRNA discovery and development. Screening services for Genome-wide miRNA expression profiling studies are also offered to customers.

The company has recently launched assays targeting the Epstein-Barr virus miRNAs. Another ongoing project, which is in collaboration with Singapore Gastric Cancer Consortium and A*STAR Diagnostic Development Hub, is the development of a blood-based diagnostic kit for gastric cancer. A blood-based diagnostic kit for breast cancer is also in the pipeline.