Reszon Diagnostics, Malaysia

Reszon Diagnostics, Malaysia

Featured Date: 11th November 2015


Reszon Diagnostics International (Reszonics), established in 2010, is a significant regional market player in the IVD industry in Malaysia. It operates as a subsidiary under Revongen Corporation. The company is specialized in the R&D and manufacturing of products for clinical diagnostics.  The company has ISO 13485-certified facility for IVD medical devices production. Reszonics operates globally covering Asia, Middle East, sub-Saharan Africa, and the USA. The company has distributors in APAC countries such as India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, and Pakistan and in Africa.

The proprietary technology platforms of Reszonics include the solid phase immunochromatographic test (ICT) platform for rapid diagnostic tests development and Dot EIA platform for ELISA kits development.  The ICT products of Reszonics include Typhidot Rapid IgM for detection of typhoid fever, PanLF Rapid for detection of lymphatic filariasis and Brugia Rapid for detection of Brugian filariasis. Another product category of Reszonics is the FastScreenTM Drugs of Abuse Test, which uses competitive binding immunoassay, and identifies multiple drugs and drug metabolites in human urine.

In addition to rapid tests and Immuno- chromatic assays, Reszonics has also developed a Multiplex PCR Molecular diagnostic kit. Marketed as PlasmoNexTM, this is the first multiplex PCR kit for detection of malaria.

The company has several collaborations with scientists worldwide for diagnostics product development. It also partners with Public Health authorities in several countries and WHO. The company owns several filed patents related to its IVD products. Reszonics products PanLF Rapid and Brugia Rapid have patents for their uses and technologies in Malaysia, USA, India, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, and Sri Lanka.