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Digital PCR - JN Medsys
JN Medsys, Singapore

Featured Date: 2nd November 2015

Website:  www.jnmedsys.com

JN Medsys, established in 2010, is one of the few companies in the world, offering digital PCR (dPCR) products. The start-up company received two rounds of Government funding, amounting to $750,000, from SPRING Singapore under the Technology Enterprise Commercialization scheme. This helped the company to develop its own proprietary product, marketed as Clarity™ digital PCR system, which was launched in October 2014. The company focuses on export markets, which accounts for more than 75% of its revenues. The objective of the company is to deliver an affordable, simple, and effective technology platform to the clinical diagnostics market.

The potential for absolute quantification and detection is opening new doors for dPCR in several clinical diagnostic segments such as cancer and infectious diseases.

The technology developed by JN Medsys falls under the chip-based dPCR system, similar to the platforms developed by Fluidigm and Thermo Fisher Scientific. The Clarity™ Tube-Strip offered by the company incorporates an innovative chip-in-a-tube design, allowing for effective and multiple reaction partitions, within the confines of a single tube. The company claims that it can offer up to 80,000 partitions per tube strip. The Clarity™ Reader detects fluorescent signals from individual partitions, from each strip. This is a fully automated platform, optimized for both probe-based and EvaGreen® assays. The technology offers major advantages such as minimal sample loss, ease of use, and accuracy. JN Medsys also offers the convenience of integration of Clarity™ dPCR system, with conventional thermo cyclers.

Some of the current application segments of interest by the company include cancer diagnostics, prenatal diagnostics, non-invasive diagnosis of hemophilia, detection of multidrug resistance of TB, and measurement of HIV DNA. JN Medsys is also involved in a collaborative research project with Institute of Bioengineering and Nanotechnology under A*STAR Singapore, on detection of cancer from the blood.