Biotech Internships

BioTech Internships


Biotechnology is a challenging field that offers plenty of challenging learning opportunities for business as well as science students. AcuBiz Consulting offers valuable learning platforms through meaningful internship programs.

Required Qualification for Internships at AcuBiz


An undergraduate student currently working toward a bachelor’s degree in marketing with an interest in science, or a scientific field with an interest in marketing.


  • Team player – enjoys and works well with others in a team environment.
  • Possess effective written and oral communications skills and interpersonal skills.
  • Willing to take personal responsibility for tasks with a “get it done” mentality.
  • High ethics, integrity, honesty, and patience.
  • Dependable, positive attitude and good attendance




At AcuBiz, we adopt a flexible approach with qualified and motivated individuals offering them various options to associate with us. Training and higher education requirements of staff are encouraged in order to empower them with the necessary skills. We also encourage our staff to take up challenging projects and carve a fulfilling career through AcuBiz. Our staff is also offered visibility through various channels so that they get noticed as industry experts in the fields that they are engaged in.

We take our social responsibility seriously. That is why, we have initiated our BioMatch program, which includes the arrangement of meaningful internships for promising students. For more details of this program, click here.

We give flexible employment opportunities for eligible young lady professionals, who are often forced to choose between career and family. We strongly believe that many of them will be able to balance both if work hours are defined accommodating their priorities. At AcuBiz, we consider this as our social responsibility to support and female workforce.

However, our first and foremost commitment is to our clients, who trust us with their projects. So, high professional standard to quality is a non-negotiable requirement at AcuBiz.

In order to meet such standards, the desired qualifications in prospective employees are the following:

  • Enthusiastic and positive attitude to work tasks
  • Professional ethics and accountability
  • Degree in any science disciplines, finance, economics for regular employment
  • Students completing their graduation or post graduation in science as well as MBA students for internships (For more details about our internship positions check our BioMatch Program link)
  • MBA with a background in engineering or science field
  • Keen interest in technological advancements in science fields
  • Strong analytical, research, and report writing skills
  • Good communication skills – both written and verbal
  • Commendable computer skills – particularly with Microsoft Word and Excel
  • Initiative to take up challenging assignments and contribute to ongoing projects