Technical and Non-Technical Interns

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One of the key experiences recommended during your time as an undergraduate is doing an internship. Gaining work experience is key for boosting one’s employability, especially as an engineering student. In June 2019, after the third year of my bioengineering degree, I was quite perplexed about the direction in which […]

Role of FSMA in Shaking the Food Safety Practices of APAC and ROW Markets

Role of FSMA in Shaking the Food Safety Practices of APAC and ROW Markets

“Why let people sick and respond to it while we could actually prevent it with resources we have?” – Perhaps this was the thought the USFDA regulators had when they were drafting the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA). When I was conducting my research on the food safety testing market, […]

What Can Biotechnology Students Get from Internship in Consultation Company?

As a UCSI University student, an internship is a compulsory activity for an undergraduate student to complete the degree program. It’s not just any internship but needs to be related to the major taken by the student. Consultation company: Another career option for science-based students Click To Tweet Biotechnology students […]

Summer Internship Experience

Summer Internship Experience at AcuBiz

Before I applied for an internship with AcuBiz Consulting, there was a great degree of uncertainty as to what I could both offer to the internship and what I could learn as an economics/business-based student entering a field that was primarily dominated by biotechnology/science students. Would the skills I learned […]

Biotechnology Business internship

Why Biotechnology Business internship is a MUST?

After completing my final semester, I was supposed to complete 3 months of an internship as per my course requirement. After I applied for an internship at AcuBiz Consulting Sdn Bhd, I was asked to write an article on any medical related topic for a selection process. Since it is […]

Experiencing the BUSINESS side of Biotechnology

As a student, after finishing my final year, it is a requirement to complete an internship at a biotech company. I was looking more towards laboratory-based internships initially. Then, I came across with the website of AcuBiz, a life-science, and biotechnology consultancy firm, which fascinated me. I have done business […]

Food Safety Testing Markets Challenges and Innovative Solutions

Food Safety Testing Markets: Challenges and Innovative Solutions

Globalization of food, an ever-growing sheer volume of food needed worldwide, increased awareness of consumers, unforgiving press and media coverage of contamination incidents – all these are key drivers of the growing food safety testing market and are presenting new challenges to the ages-old food industry. Conducting market research on […]

Biotech Consulting Internship

The Benefits of Doing a Biotech Consulting Internship

A summer biotech consulting internship during under-graduate years can be beneficial in multiple ways. My goals in doing a summer internship in Biotech Consultancy were to learn more about the fields of science I was so passionate about from a business rather than academic perspective for a change, and explore […]

Heads turn to Vietnam’s booming healthcare market

Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC), the former capital and the most populated city in Vietnam, has turned from a reticent fishing village into a vibrant metropolitan city that clocks a GDP growth of 8 – 12% YOY since it opened up its doors for business. With attention being turned away […]