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Technical and Non-Technical Interns

One of the key experiences recommended during your time as an undergraduate is doing an internship. Gaining work experience is key for boosting one’s employability, especially as an engineering student.

In June 2019, after the third year of my bioengineering degree, I was quite perplexed about the direction in which my career should steer. Determining what job function, role or company I should aspire to during my search for a summer internship seemed like a mammoth task. The only thing I was clear about was that I wanted an entirely different work experience compared to that of my previous work experience.

This summer internship opportunity was indispensable in giving me exposure to an entirely new work area and also in helping me foresee my career path post my degree.

In my previous summer vacation, I had taken a certified Python training course. Going back to the same type of training could have been easier, but it could have prevented me from taking the once in a lifetime occasion of stepping out of my comfort zone and exploring new avenues.

With this thought, I started to look for internship programs that would give me a platform for leveraging my past experience while enabling me to work in a new & unfamiliar environment for a more holistic learning experience.

At AcuBiz, I contributed to a market research project on NGS. I was asked to assess the demand for NGS technologies in Japan and Korea. I had an opportunity to try my hands at both primary and secondary research.

Initially, I had a personal interview session with Dr.Syamala. After getting selected, I was made aware of the various plans that the company had regarding the project and how it was to be worked on.

As explained by my fellow interns, one would not disagree that the internship provided at AcuBiz Consulting Sdn. Bhd. was on another level compared to the regular internships I was used to. The detailed process of learning and working went hand in hand as I got to effectively apply the skills I learned during the internship on the assigned duties. Dedicated training and task management were taught on a personal level. Regular reports and meetings helped in maintaining a smooth workflow.

I personally felt that the internship at AcuBiz was a great learning experience. It gave an overall knowledge and understanding of the professionalism and sincerity that is followed by the corporate businesses.

My work helped me realize new opportunities for me as the tasks I was involved and introduced me to new career possibilities. Working as a part and representative of AcuBiz, I could also make contacts with industrial experts in Japan and Korea and get meaningful insights through the conversations we had.

With the cherry on top, Dr. Syamala has always been a very supportive mentor for me. She helped me immensely and guided me through all the difficulties that I faced.

Apart from the technical aspects of the project, one of the most important things that I gained from this experience was the bond I shared with Dr. Syamala. By sharing her real-life experiences, ma’am has helped me learn the real lessons of life that I would never really learn so easily. She has prepared me for some of the challenges I might face later in life and encouraged me throughout in a way nobody else really could.

In my endeavor to get a strong stepping-stone in my career, I was very lucky to be able to be a part of Acubiz Consulting Sdn. Bhd. for an internship that met all of my predefined criteria. I worked there for almost 8 weeks and, trust me; it was a fabulous journey!

I would definitely recommend anyone who is looking for technical or non-technical internships as AcuBiz can be a home for all.

https://acubiz.com.my/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/Alvin-Market-Research-AnalystBy Mriti Agarwal, Market Research Analyst Intern

Undergraduate, MIT School of Bioengineering Sciences and Research, MIT ADT University, Pune, India

November 11, 2019

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