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Our databases on molecular diagnostics companies are showcased for the benefit of market players in the field.

Our competitive edge is our extensive experience in the field, particularly in the challenging APAC markets. Our consultants have been involved in technology transfer, fund raising, and even setting up start-ups in the field.

We have assisted companies with market entry strategies, business model development, business plans, distributor selections in various markets, ISO certification of facilities, product validations, and registration with regulatory bodies.

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PCR Companies - APAC

Company Location
Agility Biotech Pvt. Ltd.New Delhi, India.
AgriGen Biotech Pty. Ltd.Sydney, Australia
AITbiotech Pte. Ltd.Singapore
Allele Life Sciences (P) LtdUttar Pradesh, India
Arachem (M) Sdn. Bhd. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Aristogene Biosciences Pvt. Ltd.Bangalore, India
Asia-Pacific Special Nutrients Sdn. Bhd.Selangor, Malaysia
AsiaGen CorporationNew Taipei City, Taiwan
Avans Biotechnology CorporationTaipei City, Taiwan
bigtec Labs Pvt. Ltd.Bangalore, India
BioAxis DNA Research Centre Pvt. Ltd.Hyderabad,India
Bioer Technology Co., Ltd.Hangzhou, Eastern China
Biogenica Scientific Sdn Bhd (BSSB)Pulau Pinang, Malaysia
BIONEER CorporationChina
Chromous Biotech Pvt. Ltd.Malayisa
DAAN Gene Co., Ltd.China
Favorgen BioTech CorporationPing-Tung,Taiwan
Fisher Biotec Pty. Ltd.Australia
Fluidigm Singapore Pte. Ltd.Singapore
Gaia Science (M) Sdn. Bhd.Malaysia
Geneflux Biosciences Sdn. Bhd.Selangor, Malaysia
geneOmbio Technologies Pvt. Ltd.India
GeneReach Biotechnology CorporationTaichung 407, Taiwan
GeneTech Biotechnology Pvt. Ltd.Dhaka, Bangladesh
GeneWorks Pty. Ltd.Australia
Genome Diagnostics Pvt. Ltd. New Delhi, India
Professional Biotech Pvt. Ltd. New Delhi, India
Guangzhou Dongsheng Biotech Co., Ltd. Guangdong, China
i-DNA Biotechnology Pte. Ltd. Singapore
Imperial Life Sciences (P) Limited Haryana, India
Jayagen Biologics Chennai, India
JN Medsys Pte. Ltd. Singapore
KIAGEN-Biotech Tehran, Iran
KogeneBiotech Co., Ltd. Seoul, Korea
LIR Biotech (Lab-Ind Resource Sdn. Bhd.) Selangor, Malaysia
Lynxcells Biosciences Sdn. Bhd. Selangor, Malaysia
Medical Innovation Ventures Sdn. Bhd. Penang, Malaysia
Next Gene Scientific Sdn. Bhd. Selangor, Malaysia
Ocimum Biosolutions Ltd. Hyderabad, India.
Olipro Biotechnology Sdn. Bhd. Selangor, Malaysia
Profound Kestrel Laboratories Sdn. Bhd. Selangor, Malaysia
RBC BioScience Corporation Taiwan
Reszon Diagnostics International Sdn. Bhd. Selangor, Malaysia
Revongen Corporation Centre (REVCORP) Selangor, Malaysia
Seegene, Inc. Seoul, Korea
Shanghai Hongshi Medical Technology Co., Ltd. Shanghai,China
Shanghai Kehua Bio-Engineering Co., Ltd. Shanghai,China
Shanghai ZJ Bio-Tech Co., Ltd. Shanghai,China
ShineGene Bio-Technologies, Inc. Shanghai,China
Shrimp Biotechnology Business Unit (SBBU) Pathumthani , Thailand
Sysmex Corporation Hyogo, Japan
TransGen Biotech, Inc. Beijing, CHINA.
Vivantis Technologies Sdn. Bhd. Selangor, Malaysia
Xi’an Tianlong Science and Technology Co., Ltd. China







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