Scientific Seminars and Trainings

Scientific Seminars and Trainings

Training Services

At AcuBiz we believe in the importance of continuous learning. Accordingly, we offer scientific seminars and trainings aimed at busy professionals. Our objective is to create platforms for exchanging ideas and high-level learning to empower professionals and help update their knowledge and skills. In the process, we also gather valuable industry knowledge.

We organize the following events independently and in conjunction with our clients:

  • Scientific Seminars
  • Continued Medical Education (CME) Talks
  • Events of Medical and Scientific Associations

Specific Services offered include:

  • Identification of topics and target organizations on behalf of our clients
  • Assistance in speaker identification and program finalization
  • Marketing the event
  • Assistance in venue finalization, negotiation, and
  • Registration services
  • Financial management
  • Post Event Services