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  • Recruitment Trends in Malaysia’s Life Sciences, Pharmaceuticals and Medical Device Sectors

    Recruitment Trends in Malaysia’s Life Sciences, Pharmaceuticals and Medical Device Sectors

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    This report analyses the recruitment trends prevalent in Malaysia for technical and techno-commercial roles in the life sciences, pharmaceutical and medical device companies. The placement practices of these companies in Malaysia are analysed in detail. The main objective of undertaking this study was to understand the business prospects for a recruitment firm focusing on placement of mid-to-senior level professionals for technical and techno-commercial roles– especially with respect to placement of expatriates.

  • HalalTestingMarkets

    Halal Testing Markets – Regulatory Trends in Southeast Asia

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    While regulatory framework used by various Halal Testing Markets vary, all countries uniformly consider that the standards are applicable not only to the end products but also to the ingredients and processes used in the manufacturing, packaging, labelling, and transportation.

    The demand for halal testing is on the rise worldwide. Halal certification can open up significant global trade opportunities for companies in the food, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical industry segments. This is being viewed as means to encourage exports, tourism, and research. Economic opportunities for halal food exist even in non-Muslim countries since halal certification is being perceived as an assurance of quality by consumers in general.

  • Medical Device Distributors - Malaysia & Indonesia

    Database of Medical Device Distributors in Malaysia & Indonesia

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    ASEAN region offers strong potential for medical device manufacturers. Indonesia is the fastest growing market in the region at present, while Malaysia offers several business advantages including ease of market entry and availability of modern health care infrastructure. Malaysia also offers the option of being the strategic entry point to ASEAN market.

    Success in both the countries requires partnership with local distributors with strong connections with hospitals, clinics, government sectors and other end-user segments. This database, which offers detailed profiles of 275 distributors in Indonesia and 80 distributors in Malaysia will serve as a good tool for foreign medical device companies for screening and be identifying potential distributors in Indonesia and Malaysia

  • Medical Device Distributors - Malaysia

    Database of Medical Device Distributors in Malaysia

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    Malaysia is an important healthcare market in ASEAN region.  The country, which has modern healthcare facilities and infrastructure attracts patients from neighbouring countries in the region. In terms of market entry, Malaysia offers easy and affordable options for foreign companies. The country also can be the strategic entry point to ASEAN region.

    For a foreign medical device manufacturer, navigating in Malaysia market could be challenging as the market acceptance requires strong personal connections.  Hence having a strong distributor partner is essential to be successful in Malaysia. Some of the Malaysian distributors also have strong regional presence with operations in Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, and other ASEAN countries. This database offers profiles of 80 medical device distributors in Malaysia.

  • Advanced Wound Care Markets

    Advanced Wound Care Markets: Opportunities in Malaysia

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    The Advanced Wound Care market is witnessing rapid growth in many emerging economies including those in Asia-Pacific region. The industry has several large-scale companies as well as many entrepreneurial players.

    Although the early leaders are still influential and occupy large portion of the market, many new players are entering and redefining the market, pushing the limits of the technology. These new technologies and applications will offer opportunities to investors.

  • Indonesia Medical Devices Distributors Database

    Database of Medical Device Distributors in Indonesia

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    Indonesia is a fast growing healthcare market. This growth is expected to continue at least for the next two years, based on the government's focus to offer universal health care coverage for all of its citizens. This is offering extensive opportunities for medical device companies worldwide.Entering Indonesia market, however, poses significant challenges. For a foreign company, success depends on their local distributors.

    This database is part of our continuing effort to list all the medical device distributors in Indonesia. This is an updated version of the previous database published in November 2016 by AcuBiz. This updated version offers profiles of 275 medical device distributors in Indonesia.

  • Clinical Lateral Flow Assay Markets in Indonesia

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    The success of home-based pregnancy tests in lateral flow format has been instrumental in the growth of lateral flow immunoassay (LFIA) as a platform accepted across widely different application segments. Ease of use combined with accuracy in the majority of situations is driving the clinical use of LFIA tests for the diagnosis of various infectious diseases, cancer, cardiac disease, and drug of abuse tests.

    While developed markets such as North America and Europe have the highest market demand for these products, the Asia-Pacific region is the fastest growing market for these tests. Indonesia’s healthcare market is on the verge of rapid growth at this point, as the government is taking steps to improve access to quality healthcare for its population by implementing universal health coverage (UHC) for 100% of its population by 2019.

  • IndiaTBMarket

    Opportunities in India’s TB Diagnostics Markets: Price and Market Trend Analysis

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    Globally, India has the second highest TB burden as per WHO ranking. The country is witnessing a growing demand for advanced tests for early TB diagnosis. This is driving the TB diagnostics market in India and is also creating new opportunities for diagnostic companies with effective platforms. Drug resistance is a particular concern in TB and the demand is high for diagnostic tools that can quickly and accurately diagnose drug resistant TB.

    This price analysis and market intelligence report studies the opportunities offered by India’s TB diagnostics markets.

  • Wordlwide Market for PCR

    The Worldwide Markets for PCR Technologies

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    This report identifes PCR market dynamics in various regions and forecasts the potential of the market related to product segments, technology segments, and end-use segments.

    Customization of this study to address the specific needs of clients can be done  in terms of detailed analysis of regional markets, selected technology segments, specific end-use segments, technology assessments or detailed regulatory landscape analysis. For such requirements, please contact by e-mailing to

  • North American Market PCR

    The North American Markets For PCR Technologies

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    During the past three decades since its invention, PCR has evolved to become one of the fundamental technology platforms in life sciences sector. The application segments of this platform are still expanding, driven by the expiry of key PCR patents.

    The demand for fast, accurate, and affordable diagnosis tests in healthcare segment has been another key driver of the PCR market. The rising investments in the field of companion diagnostics have also been boosting the demand for PCR. Food safety testing is another significant end-use segment of the technology, driven by both consumer demand and regulatory requirements.