Database of Medical Device Distributors in Malaysia

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Malaysia is an important healthcare market in the ASEAN region.  The country, which has modern healthcare facilities and infrastructure attracts patients from neighboring countries in the region. In terms of market entry, Malaysia offers easy and affordable options for foreign companies. The country also can be the strategic entry point to the ASEAN region.

For a foreign medical device manufacturer, navigating in the Malaysia market could be challenging as market acceptance requires strong personal connections.  Hence having a strong distributor partner is essential to be successful in Malaysia. Some of the Malaysian distributors also have a strong regional presence with operations in Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, and other ASEAN countries.

This database offers profiles of over 125 medical device distributors in Malaysia with more than 140 direct contact details.


  • Malaysia could be a strategic entry point for foreign medical device companies to enter ASEAN market. With its relatively easy and business friendly policies, Malaysia offers significant opportunities for investors including access to fast growing markets such as Indonesia and Vietnam.

    For a foreign medical device company, success in Malaysia depends to a large extent on its local distributors since market acceptance requires strong personal connections.

    This database is a comprehensive list of medical device distributors in Malaysia along with their latest contact details. The database also includes crucial information that can support distributor selection such as principal companies that they are dealing with at present and if the distributor has Bumiputra status, which is critical to winning tenders in the government sector.

    For detailed profiles of selected distributors and further due diligence contact This will serve as a primary list to screen potential distribution partners in Malaysia.

  • Name of the company

    Brief Profile





    Pin Code

    General Telephone Number

    General E-Mail ID

    Bumiputra status information

    IVD- Principals/Brands currently handling

    Medical Equipment- Principals/Brands currently handling

    Hospitals Furniture/Lab Instruments – Principals/Brands currently handling

    Reagents/Consumables- Principals/Brands currently handling

    Other categories (Pharma, Health-IT, etc)- Principals/Brands currently handling


    Year of Foundation

    Name, job title, telephone number/e-mail of contact person-1

    Name, Job title, telephone number/e-mail of contact person-2

  • List of 125 Distributors in Malaysia is listed with details profiles who are dealing with products from leading medical device manufacturers such as:

    • Abbott

    • B Braun

    • Bausch&Lomb

    • Bio-Rad

    • Chang Gung Medical

    • Covidien

    • Drager

    • DynaMed

    • Fujifilm

    • GE Healthcare

    • Hoefer Electrophoresis

    • Illumina

    • Merck

    • Mindray

    • Oncoprobe

    • Philips

    • Reckitt Benckiser

    • Ricoh

    • Roche

    • Sciex

    • Shimadzu

    • Siemens