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AcuBiz Media Partner Packages

AcuBiz is introducing optional Media Partner Packages designed for media partnering with professional conference organizers. The packages offered focus mainly on tapping the access offered by social media such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. LinkedIn is given a special preference in all the packages offered by AcuBiz since it gives direct access to technical and techno-commercial professionals who are targeted by our clients who are organizing niche events on various life sciences topics. LinkedIn is considered a Marketing Goldmine for both B2B Marketing and B2C Marketing!

AcuBiz is connected to over 10,000 contacts in the life sciences field and all are relevant for life sciences event organizers. As evident from the pie charts indicating the distribution of our contacts in terms geography and nature of the profession, AcuBiz has a strong reach to life sciences professionals – particularly in the emerging markets in the APAC region.

Contact us ( and explore how you can benefit from the tailored network we have built over many years and reach to your target audience quickly.

Benefits of becoming our Media Partner

  • BRAND VISIBILITY on a global platform
  • Quick access to a NETWORK of life sciences professionals
  • LEAD GENERATION by connecting to decision makers
  • DRIVING more TRAFFIC to your event websites





Your organization can take advantage of our unique 3 tier Media Partnership packages with its own individual set of benefits




  • Standard
  • $30
    per month
  • Conference banner on AcuBiz website
  • Conference information shared on AcuBiz social media pages – LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook (Shared once, as per the media partner’s preferred date )
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  • Premium
  • $150
    per month
  • Conference banner on AcuBiz website
  • Conference information shared on AcuBiz social media pages – LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook (Shared once,as per the media partner’s preferred date )
  • Conference information shared on Dr Syamala Ariyanchira’s LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook pages. (Shared once,as per the media partner’s preferred date )
  • One blog post upto 500 words by AcuBiz team based on interview with one of the speakers, highlighting the USP of your event that could be of interest to the targeted segment. This will be shared in AcuBiz website, company social media pages in addition to Dr Syamala Ariyanchira’s personal social media pages
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Do you offer free media partnership packages?

Definitely, yes.
AcuBiz is a media partner to many conference organizers for their events based on non-monetary, barter trade agreements. These agreements involve listing the event/sharing the event banner on AcuBiz website in return for listing AcuBiz as a media partner on the event website by your company.
We are also open to discuss about accommodating specific requests based on a win-win partnership basis. Please call or send email to AcuBiz to discuss further.

What is the advantage of subscribing to the media partnering options?

If the target audience for your event include technical and techno-commercial professionals in life sciences and related industries, sharing your event on our social media pages, in addition to our website, can give you a quick access to our network. We do it on the right time (as per your preference) allowing you to reach out to scientists, engineers, and other senior professionals in academia as well as industry who are the decision makers.

Do you also offer e-mail marketing services?

Yes. This is offered as a customized service. Please contact AcuBiz for more details.

What is the advantage of the Premium subscription package?

One of our principal consultants will discuss with your team to understand the USP of your event and will develop a blog based on that, which will be published on AcuBiz website and shared on our social media pages – particularly LinkedIn. Sharing this with our network in social media works as a personal endorsement of your event from the peer group, which carries significant advantage while reaching out to life sciences professionals. Collectively, our consultants have over 10,000 contacts, a large percentage of them having profiles close to your interests. This offers a unique opportunity to reach out to your target audience in a fast and effective way

We are interested in sharing our events on AcuBiz social media pages more than once. Is that an option?

Definitely, yes.
ACu Biz offers customized services by understanding the unique needs of our media partners. Please contact AcuBiz to discuss your preferred options.


Get in touch with us to express your interest. We are also open to discuss a customized Media Partnership Package of mutual benefit.