Advanced Wound Care Products

Is Malaysian Market Ripe for Advanced Wound Care Products? 4

By Syamala Ariyanchira February 14, 2017   Demand for advanced wound care products has been low in Malaysia, even though the country is one of the main healthcare markets in Southeast Asia. However, the demand is growing lately, thanks to the improving awareness among physicians as well as patients.   […]

Diabetic Foot Ulcer TCC Demand Growing in Malaysia

Diabetic Foot Ulcer: TCC Demand Growing in Malaysia

By Syamala Ariyanchira February 05, 2017   TCC as an acceptable treatment option for Diabetic Foot Ulcer (DFU) is gaining traction globally, thanks to the new, innovative and patient-focused products in the market. TCC demand for treating #Diabetic foot ulcer expected to grow at 13.2% CAGR in #Malaysia Click To […]