Opportunities for Foreign Medical Device Manufacturers in Indonesia

Opportunities for Foreign Medical Device Manufacturers in Indonesia

By Syamala Ariyanchira January 05, 2017   Lucrative opportunities beckon for foreign medical device manufacturers, in Indonesia. Indonesia relies mainly on imports to meet its medical technology requirements. Imports account for approximately 97% of the country’s medical device market. In 2015, the market was worth about $870 million, and if […]

Indonesia’s E-Procurement System Upsetting the Applecart!!

By Syamala Ariyanchira, July 17, 2016 During a recent visit to Jakarta, the cautious optimism of both suppliers and buyers of diagnostics products was hard to ignore! It was intriguing since I expected an overall market excitement as the recent national healthcare regulations are predicted to create new opportunities for […]

ddPCR to Fillip miRNA’s Liquid Biopsy Promise

  By Syamala Ariyanchira,    November 4, 2015   The latest hype in clinical research circles is liquid biopsy. A quick search on PubMed indicated close to 1,000 publications on liquid biopsy this year, from January through October 2015. The possibility to detect cancer during its early stages through a routine […]