Our Team

Dr Syamala AriyanchiraSyamala Ariyanchira, Ph.D.
Founder and CEO

Dr.Syamala brings over 20 years of experience in the Pharmaceutical, Biotech and Chemical industries. After graduating from the Indian Institute of Science with a Ph.D. in Chemistry, Dr.Syamala has worked for many reputed companies including ICI, Frost and Sullivan, and Chembiotek Research International (now under TCG Life Sciences) during its founding years. She regularly publishes industry insights in various business journals including GEN, Pharmaphorum, and Biospectrum Asia. In Malaysia, Dr. Syamala has been responsible for several projects at the Malaysian Biotechnology Corporation.

C. W. Leong, Ph.D.
Principal Associate, Clinical Research

Dr.Leong has over 20 years of experience in the life sciences and pharmaceutical industries. She completed her Ph.D. in Pharmaceutical Industry from the University of London and has extensive experience in the clinical trial space. Dr.Leong has worked as a global clinical trial coordinator for Astellas Pharma at their European headquarters. She has been responsible for up to six global trials simultaneously and has coordinated trials with over 50 sites in 24 different countries. In Malaysia, Dr. Leong conducts various Life Science and clinical trial training programs such as the Biotechnology Industry Development Program (BIDP) designed and coordinated by her on behalf of TalentCorp Malaysia.

Dr. Sailaja Sreejith TeamDr. Sailaja Sreejith
Consultant, Clinical Research, and Medical Writing

Dr. Sailaja is a medical doctor who graduated from Mahatma Gandhi University, India and obtained a postgraduate specialization in Pediatrics (DCH) from Bangalore University. She has been a practicing consultant in Pediatrics with extensive experience in the Neonatal Department and in Pediatric emergency medicine. More recently, Dr. Sailaja has worked in the clinical research industry. She has worked as the Deputy Manager of Clinical Research in Stempeutics Research Malaysia and currently works as the Medical Affairs Support Manager in the Regulatory and Pharmacovigilance Department at CCM Pharmaceuticals.

Dr. Bijaya MishraDr. Bijaya Mishra
Consultant, Chemical Industry

Dr. Mishra has over 35 years of experience in the chemical industry. His specific area of expertise is in manufacturing and developing applications of alkoxylates and their derivatives. He also worked extensively in product and process developments for several application industries such as Coating,s Construction materials, Asphalt, Textile, Personal Care, Agrochemicals, Oil field chemicals, etc. He has been involved in managing R&D wing for business growth by integrating technology-based activities into corporate strategies. He has been instrumental in developing several value-added products for commercialization. Dr. Mishra has also been involved in various business activities including M& A and strategic partnerships based on technology due diligence assessments. He has held senior management roles including CTO and CEO in Indian as well as multinational chemical companies. Dr. Mishra has a Ph.D. in Chemical engineering and he did his postdoctoral research in surface science and technology at the University of Florida, USA.