What our Interns Say

Viorenda Thery Wijaya - Summer Intern

February 11, 2019

Internship – Viorenda Thery Wijaya
Undergraduate, UCSI University, Malaysia

” During my internship, I learned that a biotechnology graduate has numerous career options other than laboratory-based jobs. For example, a biotechnology graduate with strong mathematical skills can excels as a biotechnology financial analyst in an investment banking firm. They also have the prospect of working for insurance companies or law firms dealing with intellectual property matters. Consultancy is another alternative career option for biotech graduates. In consultation companies, biotechnology graduates may find themselves involved in writing reports about science-basedindustries” 

February 6, 2019

Internship – Chern Een Ewe
Undergraduate in Economics, The University of New South Wales, Australia

” I spoke to passionate scientists who were able to give me great insights into NGS, and when describing their work; their eyes lit with a bright passionate flame. It became apparent that they were not only wanting to help prevent and defeat cancer but were also immensely fulfilled and proud of the work they were doing. I made a mental note to myself to seek similar elements in my future career path whatever it may be in. In conclusion, the invaluable lessons learned over the month-long summer internship would not have been possible with any other firm and with any other mentor figure. The smaller size ofAcuBiz offers a homely warmth that large corporations lack, with the one-to-one guidance offered by Dr. Syamala, makes the internship like no other. ” 

January 28, 2019

Internship – Thilaga Samy
Undergraduate, Malaysia University of Science and Technology, Malaysia

” I realized that market research in a biotechnology consulting firm can be one of the job options for biotech graduates. I am glad that I joined AcuBiz for industry training since the company offered me an in-depth understanding of the biotech industry and hands-on experience in terms of managing a biotech business project. I would like to recommend AcuBiz Consulting Sdn Bhd to any biotechnology student interested in enhancing their knowledge about the biotech industry, especially if they are interested in non-laboratory-based careers.” 


January 24, 2019

Internship – Alvin Cengnata
Biotechnology Undergraduate, UCSI University, Malaysia


”  These are some of the things I have learned during my internship period at AcuBiz. They are valuable lessons that would help me thrive in the industry later.
As we know, it’s getting harder and harder to get a job nowadays. What quality do we have in us to actually stand out among our peers? Perhaps, this consultancy industry could be an alternative for all bright heads out there. The brain stuck inside our skull is something we can really depend on. Trained right, a mind can give you so much.
Probably, as your peers do the technical job they may love, you can be a consultant who can assess the value of their research and assist them in converting their research outputs into businesses.
Moreover, if you are a highly skilled consultant, you will be highly sought after and you can work from any place you want. ” 

December 27, 2018

Internship – Rakin Mahmood, Market Research Analyst
Undergraduate, Malaysia University of Science and Technology, Malaysia

” AcuBiz has given me the opportunity to open myself to new possibilities. This experience has improved my communication level and has given me a better insight into what Biotechnology is all about. I used to think Biotechnology is all about working in a lab but that is a misconception. Biotechnology does not have limitation. It is an integrated subject with technology, management, communication and most importantly, how to convert research into money.” 

September 25, 2018

Internship – Maisey Davison
Undergraduate, University of Cambridge, UK

”  Representing AcuBiz at the Vietnam Medi-Pharm Expo was another enlightening and valuable experience. I spoke to both local company representatives looking to market their products, and international companies looking to expand into the region. I gathered insight into the trends of Vietnam’s growing healthcare market and helped establish a network of contacts in the region. Over the period of about two and a half months, I conducted market research on the food safety testing market in Europe and worked on producing the final report.” 

Internship - Victoria

August 31, 2016

Internship – Victoria Brodie
Undergraduate Writing Student, Senior Year, Pratt Institute, New York, USA

”  When I entered college as a creative writing major, I did not expect to find myself doing technical writing. However, while finishing up my Junior year it occurred to me that I had many interests outside of the creative field, including what is new and upcoming in the medical field. AcuBiz has given me the opportunity to not only explore my interests but also gain insight into a career field I wouldn’t otherwise have access to. Apart from technical skills, my time interning has taught me about networking and how important it is to stay up-to-date on what is happening both politically and scientifically around me. I am truly grateful for this opportunity and feel that it will help me transition into the professional world once I have graduated.” 


September 3, 2015

Internship – Divya Kolakada
Undergraduate Student, Sophomore year, Rollins College, Florida, USA


”  In 2015 summer holidays, I completed a second internship in life sciences, which was arranged by AcuBiz. As a first-year undergraduate student from the USA, I did not expect any quality internship when I came to Malaysia for the summer holidays in 2014. However, AcuBiz hired me for a collaborative research project related to the development of PCR-based animal diagnostic kit. My mentor was very knowledgeable and patient and I learned many aspects related to the  translation of concepts to marketable products in the life sciences field.

I was offered an internship in New York for my second year summer holidays, and I did not pursue with AcuBiz initially. However, towards the holidays, I realized that the cost of living in New York is above my budget and could not join the program. I had no hope of getting any internship so late in the day, but when I contacted AcuBiz again, to my surprise, they were able to arrange a very good internship related to drug discovery at a non-profit research organization. The project was perfect for my skills in communication and presentation. I was even involved in the development of investor presentations as the team was looking for clinical trial sponsors. The project gave me valuable insights into the drug development side of the industry. Selling research ideas to potential investors is a tough game. I consider myself fortunate to have an exposure to those aspects during my undergraduate years.

Both the summer internship opportunities I received through AcuBiz were meaningful ” 


September 3, 2015

Internship – Debayan Chaudhury
Biological Engineering in Indian Institute of Technology Madras, India


”  I applied for an internship with AcuBiz Consulting during the summer vacations shortly after the end of my first year as an undergraduate. I was rather skeptical about my chances, as internships are rare among first years. Therefore, I was pleasantly surprised when I was accepted and it has been a wonderful experience. The work I did for AcuBiz was interesting and exposed me to the industrial side of the engineering line, something I was ignorant of initially. Additionally it provided me with insights into the stages through which a developing technology passes through before it is commercialized. I am extremely grateful to my mentor for being patient with me and taking time out of her busy schedule to instruct and guide me. ” 


September 3, 2015

Internship – Abhinav Sardana
Biological Engineering in Indian Institute of Technology Madras, India


” I just finished my first year at IIT Madras and I had an amazing opportunity to intern in Malaysia due to the Biomatch programme at Acubiz. I was both excited and little afraid at the same time. Having just finished my first year I had very little experience in my department and had little idea what biological engineering was about. But my fears proved unfounded as my inexperience proved to be no disadvantage and I learnt a lot in the one month I was there. The first day started with my briefing and a tour of the lab. In the first three days I spoke to no one and learnt very little. But on the third day one of my mentors called me and told me that I wouldn’t learn much if I didn’t talk to all the scientists in the lab. That was when I realised I had to talk to the scientists to learn anything. As the days passed I gained useful experience in various standard procedures done in biological labs. All the scientists were extremely helpful and willing to share their knowledge. I also began developing a better idea of my project with the help of my mentors.

The internship gave me a taste of taste of life after college and made me realize a few things. One of the biggest takeaways from the internship was that I need to ask questions to gain knowledge. I gained much more from the internship than I expected and the fact that I got it as a freshman is what makes it unbelievable. I loved every moment of it. I also learned much more than I had learnt in any class. I am extremely grateful to Both the Malaysian NGO and Acubiz for having had such an amazing experience and I look forward to doing another one in the next summer.” 

Intern - Lee Mei Yee

June 6, 2015

Internship – Lee Mei Yee
Diploma Student in Chemistry and Biology, Tunku Abdul Rahman College, Malaysia


”  I worked with AcuBiz for almost 2 years while completing my degree in Chemistry and Biology and I am thankful for the experience. My mentor offered me several training opportunities including the Biotechnology Industry Development Programme (BIDP) sponsored by TalentCorp Malaysia. I was also part of a commercial project for the development of a diagnostic kit based on PCR sponsored by AcuBiz. I am glad that I had the opportunity to work with AcuBiz. ” 

Intern - Ong Hui Kian

June 6, 2015

Internship – Ong Hui Kian

Currently pursuing Masters Degree in Life Sciences at University Putra Malaysia (UPM)



”  After graduating from Tunku Abdul Rahman College, Malaysia in 2013, I took a break from studies and worked for two years. When I decided to pursue higher studies and do Masters in life sciences, I applied for an internship with AcuBiz Consulting, while completing necessary paper work for joining University Putra Malaysia. During my internship, I was given the opportunities to interact with many inspiring key players around the world from different industries, which allowed me to improve my probing skills. Both my soft skill and technical knowledge in life science industry were strengthened. It was even more exciting when I was exposed to the world of patents and acquired a basic understanding of patent analysis for developing market potentials of different products and technologies.” 


Internship- Quan Shun Ying

June 6, 2015

Internship – Quah Shun Ying

Currently pursuing PhD at University Putra Malaysia (UPM)



” I worked with AcuBiz for two years, soon after completing my degree in biotechnology. AcuBiz sent me for a special training program, a government-academia-industry training project – the Biotechnology Industry Development Program (BIDP) in Malaysia. This training involved hands on experience in various instruments in biotechnology lab under the guidance of experienced national and international scientists. Also I was exposed to the various stages of biotechnology product development and commercialization. I was also fortunate to work on market intelligence reports and develop skills in various industry analysis techniques. Above all, the trust my mentor had in me was motivating. Overall, my association with AcuBiz soon after my graduation was a blessing.