Why Biotechnology Business internship is a MUST?

Biotechnology Business internship

After completing my final semester, I was supposed to complete 3 months of an internship as per my course requirement. After I applied for an internship at AcuBiz Consulting Sdn Bhd, I was asked to write an article on any medical related topic for a selection process. Since it is a consulting firm, I was tested for language proficiency, knowledge and time-management skills in the selection process. I have been exposed to theory and laboratory assignments during my biotechnology degree program, but this was the first time I was exploring the business aspects of biotechnology field.

As a Research Analyst at AcuBiz Consulting Sdn Bhd, I was exposed to various segments of the life sciences industry, which helped me to enhance my knowledge about biotech business landscape. It also offered me a great platform to improve my communication and technical writing skills in a more focused way to meet the client requirements.

As I started my first week at AcuBiz, I was given tasks related to food safety testing technologies. As I started to explore more on the topic, I was overwhelmed by the huge volume of information. I learned that information overload is a major challenge that one will have to face while pursuing research and consultancy career. The tips by my mentor on managing information overload effectively helped me significantly. One most important lesson I learned is the importance of clarity in the concept and deliverables when I take up any task.

I was advised to think from a buyer’s side too. As put myself in the shoes of a buyer, I was able to identify the loopholes that I missed. This training on my thinking improved the quality of my tasks. Even after completion of this internship, I will make it a habit to think and act from client’s viewpoint.

I was also able to communicate and present my views during team meetings. I was able to add more value to my work by brainstorming with other team members who worked with me on the same project. I gained more confidence to present my opinions in a manner that will be useful for others.

I was also encouraged to explored social media, and develop a strong social media profile by focusing on platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. I had to commit to a target of 2-3 posts on each day by reading industry-related news and articles. This helped tremendously to improve my reading habits and also keep myself updated with the emerging trends in the biotech industry, globally.

In conclusion, I realized that market research in a biotechnology consulting firm can be one of the job options for biotech graduates. I am glad that I joined AcuBiz for industry training since the company offered me an in-depth understanding of the biotech industry and a hands-on experience in terms of managing a biotech business project. I would like to recommend AcuBiz Consulting Sdn Bhd to any biotechnology student interested in enhancing their knowledge about the biotech industry, especially if they are interested in non-laboratory-based careers.

By Thilaga Samy, Market Research Analyst (Summer Intern)

Final Year Undergraduate student, Malaysia University of Science and Technology,

January 28, 2019

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